How to reach the Alcazar?

If you are visiting or will be visiting Cordoba, you should not forget to visit the Alcazar of the Christian Monarchs, the second most visited monument in the city, after the Mosque-Cathedral of course, In this post we tell you how to reach The Alcazar of Christian Kings.

IMG_7409 How to reach the Alcazar?

   The Alcazar of Cordoba.

The Alcazar was ordered to be built by Ferdinand III the Saint, after the conquest of Cordoba in 1236, but it was his son Alfonso X the Wise and his grandson Alfonso XI who gave it the form that we can see today from the outside. It was the scene of the wedding of Henry II of Trastámara and the place where Isabella I of Castile, the Catholic, gave birth to Mary of Aragon. It is unfortunately known for being the seat and prison of the tribunal of the Inquisition. Although nowadays it has nothing to do with its prison history, today it is a place overflowing with light and colour, especially thanks to its gardens.

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   How we can reach the Alcazar?

If in this 2023, you put in Google how to arrive, Google will direct you to a door that is currently not in service, located in the Avenida del Alcázar. The entrance to the Alcazar is from the Plaza de los Santos Mártires, near the Royal Stables. The entrance is easily recognised by its large flags.

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Once you know where the gate is, there are various methods of getting there. On foot, by bicycle, by car, by bus or by taxi.

  • Walking, for me, this is the best option as you will be able to get to know the surroundings of the monument better, either by crossing the Jewish quarter or the riverbank.
  • By bicycle, near this building, we have several bicycle parking areas. One is a large cypress tree in front of the flags of the Alcazar. Another one is next to the entrance of the Caliphal baths. Another one at the door of the municipal library and the last one next to the door of the conference center, in front of the cathedral mosque. REMEMBER that, according to municipal legislation, it is forbidden to park bicycles on STREET LAMPS, SIGNALS, TREES, and ANY TYPE OF FENCE OR BARRIER.
  • Your own vehicle, is certainly the most complex option as parking in this area of Cordoba, as it is a World Heritage Site, is very limited. The only car park is the PARKING MEZQUITA.
  • By bus, there are various stops that may be of interest, the first one is next to the Caliphal baths, 3 minutes from the Alcazar, and 7 minutes from the Mosque. The second is next to the Roman bridge, 5 minutes from the Mosque and 6 minutes from the Alcazar.
  • By taxi, the best option for rainy days, there are two taxi stops, next to the Caliphal baths, 3 minutes from the Alcazar and 5 minutes from the Mosque, and the stop on Torrijos street in front of the Mosque and 5 minutes from the Alcazar. ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT TAXI FARES IN CORDOBA ARE REGULATED, so there will be no unpleasant surprises.

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Whatever option you choose, move at your pace, without rushing to see the city, and do not forget to look for the green umbrella.