How to get tickets for the synagogue in Cordoba?

Sinagoga de Cordoba

The synagogue of Cordoba is the third most visited monument in the city, after the Mosque-Cathedral and the Alcazar of the Christian Monarchs. Located in the historic centre, which is a World Heritage Site, the synagogue is usually unnoticed by passers-by, if it weren’t for the lines of visitors. Throughout the day, hundreds of people enter the synagogue, but where can I get tickets?

How to get tickets for the synagogue in Cordoba?

The synagogue of Cordoba is free and open to all citizens of EU member states, otherwise the entrance free is €1.5 per person. Sadly, the lines that usually appear at the monument, due to its small size, scare off more than one visitor. Except in very extreme cases, high season, the wait is usually no longer than 10 minutes. Please be aware that there is no way around this and that the line is for everyone, both groups, and visitors on their own.

Menorasinagoga-mejorada How to get tickets for the synagogue in Cordoba?

However, do not worry because at Eventour we know how to make your wait more enjoyable, we take advantage of this time to tell you curiosities about the city, talk to you about Maimonides or about the coexistence of the Sephardic community in the Caliphate of Cordoba. Every moment is precious for us to show you why Cordoba is the only city with 4 World Heritage Sites.

The synagogue of Cordoba, What we can find inside?

Inside the synagogue, we will tell you about its rich decoration in ataurique, which was originally polychromed in manganese green, indigo, red ochre, white, gold and black. Built at the beginning of the 15th century, it was in use until the expulsion of the Jews from Castile in 1492, by Isabel I. It was converted into a shoe shop, chapel, private house, etc. It was discovered by miracle at the end of the 19th century. From then until today it is an obligatory part of the visits to the Jewish quarter in the city of Cordoba.

juderia-de-cordoba-2 How to get tickets for the synagogue in Cordoba?

How can you visit the Jewish quarter?

For visitors who have the time, we recommend a visit that involves the most important sites in the city, the Alcazar, the Jewish Quarter and the Mosque.

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For visitors with less time, there is always the option of a visit to the Jewish Quarter. In any event, always keep in mind that even if there is a line, it will always be worth it as it is one of the three synagogues with the category of historic in Spain.

Book a Tour to visit the Jewish quarter

For all of you who want to get to discover this part of the city and have a nice time while learning about the history of Cordoba, remember to look for the green umbrella.

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