How to reach the Alcazar?

Do you know how to reach the Alcázar? If you are visiting or will be visiting Cordoba, you should not forget to visit the Alcazar of the Christian Monarchs, the second most visited monument in the city, after the Mosque-Cathedral.

How to get tickets for the synagogue in Cordoba?

The synagogue of Cordoba is the third most visited monument in the city, after the Mosque-Cathedral and the Alcazar of the Christian Monarchs. Located in the historic center, which is a World Heritage Site, the synagogue is usually unnoticed by passers-by, if it weren't for the lines of visitors. Throughout the day, hundreds of people enter the synagogue, but where can I get tickets?

How to visit Medina Azahara, the palatine city of Abderraman III

Do you already know Medina Azahara? The greatest tourist attraction in Cordoba but so unknown at the same time. Medina Azahara is an archaeological site although it was built as a fully functional city. It was the headquarters of the government during the independent caliphate of Al-Andalus, which was established in the 10th century

How to Get Tickets for the Alcazar of the Christian Monarchs

There are different ways to get the tickets of Alcazar of the Christian Monarchs. We will explain it in this article, but before of know how and where get it, let`s know a little bit of the history of this magnificent and representative building of the history of Coedoba city and Spain.

When will The Cordoba Patios Festival be in 2023?

The Cordoba Patios Festival is a competition in which the participants open their patios to the public free of charge, which can be visited within a certain timetable. The celebration was declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO on 6 December 2012, the number of visits has increased since.

How to get tickets for the Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba

The monumental complex of the Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba has been a UNESCO World Heritage site since 17 December 1984. This nomenclature was awarded because it is a unique monument in the world, not only for its architecture, where a Muslim and a Christian temple merge but also for all the particularities that it shows. An example of these curiosities is the fact that it is not oriented towards the Mecca city, but towards the south.


Once upon a time, Cordova was one of the cities where everybody could live without differences of religion, cultures or sex. For that reason, today we will talk about the legacy of Jews in Spain, Sephardies. Sefarad (ספרד) was the name of the Iberian Peninsula for the Jewish community.

Crete’s conquest from Cordova

After being Cordova declared as the capital of al-Ándalus, many people came from everywhere of the Peninsula to the city, which it became very small for so many inhabitants. So, the Roman wall was not enough to protect them. In that moment many people lived outside the wall creating different neighbourhoods called ‘arrabales’ (suburbs), although those suburbs became part of the city.

The bubonic plague in Cordova

Cordova’s history is not only heroic battles, important characters or tolerance among different cultures and religions. There were other events not so important and cheerful to remember. In this post we will talk about a very important plague which affected a lot demographically and economically to our city.