The Catholich Kings

Isabella I from Castilla (kingdom of Spain) and Ferdinand II from Aragón (kingdom of Spain) got married in the Palace of Vivero in Valladolid in 1469. From that momento they were known as the ‘Catholic Kings’ it was an honourable mention from the new Pope Alexander VI in 1492.

Curiosities of the Mosque-Cathedral bell tower

Last posts we talked about curiosities of the Mosque. This post is related with the bell-tower, which was built over the minaret of the Mosque. The minaret ‘manara’ is a tower of the islamic arquitecture for the religious worship. The muezzin call for the pray from the top of the minaret five times per day, although nowadays there are speakers in most of the mosques for the religious worship.


Cordova is known as ‘the city of the three cultures’ because there were three communities from different religions living in the same place. Muslims, Christians and Jews coexisted in Cordova from the 8th century. The jewish culture is the most unknown, although they were who stayed more in the city.

Curiosities about the Mosque-Cathedral of Cordova II

One of the most popular questions about the Mosque is how many columns there are inside the building. Today it is difficult to count them because there are some hidden columns around the Christian chapels and also because others were destroyed with the pass of time by the Christian interventions.

Curiosities about the Mosque-Cathedral of Cordova

The Mosque-Cathedral of Cordova was declared World Heritage by Unesco in 1984 because it is a singular building. It is unique in the World, not only because of its arquitecture, but also because it has changed with the passage of time. Inside the building you can find the mixture of its arquitecture from different cultures, first used as an Islamic building and then as a Christian temple.

Hasday ibn Shaprut

Today we will talk about one of the most influential and fascinating celebrities from the caliphate of Cordova: Hasday ibn Shaprut. He was born in Jaen (close to Cordova) in a very important Jewish family. When he was very young he travelled to the capital of Al-Andalus, Cordova, where he had a very successful career with the protection of the caliph Abderraman III and later also with his son Alhaken II. He standed out among the Jewish community and he became an ambassador and the personal caliph’s doctor...

Cordova, one of the places where Game of Thrones filmed

Game of Thrones, the popular tv series from HBO, has filmed around Europe and one of the countries chosen for it has been Spain. They have filmed secuences in many provinces of Andalucia, South Spain, such as Almeria, Seville and Cordova. Let’s talk about places in Cordova.


Lucio Anneo Seneca, known as Seneca the joung, he was a very influent man in Rome in the first century. He born in Cordoba in 4 b.C, in the bosom of a patrician family and he died in 65 a.C. He was a multitalented man who standed out as orator, politician (quaestor, magistrate and senator), writer and philosopher.

The historical Cordovan pavement

Anyone who visits the historical town of Cordova is usually absorbed into its narrow streets. White houses, flowers hanging from the walls everywhere, sunshine and wonderful weather are reflected over the bell tower, which stands above the rest of the buildings. However, nobody looks at down to the pavement.

Interview Eventour

The television program “Al día de Córdoba” and animatrice Eventour interviewed as a generation of new entrepreneurs in Cordoba.