Guided Tours

Jewish Quarter + Alcazar + Mosque

Three guided tours that will show you everything you need to know about the Historical Old Town of Cordoba. Get the three of them at one time and take advantage of a great discount. This bundle includes:

  • Guided Tour in the Jewish Quarter
  • Guided Tour in the Alcazar of the Christian Monarchs
  • Guided Tour in the Cordoba’s Mosque-Cathedral

Medina Azahara

Medina Azahara is an important archaeological site situated 8 km from Cordoba. Explore the history of the opulent city built by Abderraman III in the 10th century and the remains of palaces, grand entrances and gardens, as well as the stories, secrets and marvels held within it.

Mosque – Cathedral of Córdoba

The Mosque of Cordoba it is the main monument of the city and one of the most important monuments worldwide. Join us and discover its twelve centuries of history. This tour will help you to understand better the past and present of Córdoba’s history. Discover with us why the Mosque-Cathedral is one of the most fascinating monuments, which was declared World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1984.

Alcazar of the Christian Monarchs

Discover the monument, testimony of the most important events of this city. From the Romans, to the Visigoths and the Muslims; from the Catholic Monarchs, to Christopher Colombus and the Spanish Inquisition. Here you can find the history of Cordoba merged in one monument.

Medina Azahara nocturna

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Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba by the afternoon

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Patios and Popular Streets

You should not leave Córdoba without visit some very famous and beautiful streets in the historical town. To know the city is also to visit patios, emblematic private houses decorated with flowers. In this case, you will know one of the most popular neighbourhoods which participate in the Festival of Patios, declared Intangible World Heritage by Unesco.

Mosque + Patios

This is the perfect combination to enjoy the evening in the city of Córdoba. Visiting the most important monument, the Mosque-Cathedral. Then, to walk on the most popular streets on the way to visit some of the nicest Patios, which participate in the Festival.

Jewish Quarter

An essential walking tour where you can discover Cordoba, its history and the most beautiful sights in the Jewish quarter and the surroundings of the ancient Mosque. Flowers’ Street, Maimonides Monument, Judios Street, the Sinagogue or the Zoco are waiting for you.

Theatrical Cordoba

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Alcazar + Mosque

Know the most representative monuments in Córdoba with a special price. In this tour is included the Mosque – Cathedral, one of the most gorgeous monuments with the mixture of the arabic and christian arquitecture, and The Alcázar of the Monarch Kings. Which it was a Christian palace and the main Site for Inquisition.

Jewish Quarter + Alcazar

We will explore through the historical center of Córdoba, the Jewish Quarter plus the Synagogue, the artisans Souk and Maimonides monument. Then, we will continue the visit in the Alcazar of the Christian Monarchs, one the most emblematic monuments of the city, in which many historical events took place, like the Cristobal Colon’s visit to the Christian Monarchs and the preparations of the reconquer of Granada’s realm.

Whole Cordoba

Discover the city with all our essential guided tours at a single low cost price. In addition, you can also organize them at your own pace so for example if you have younger travelers you can travel slower at your own need, This package includes:

  • Guided visit to the Jewish Quarter of Córdoba
  • Guided visit to the Alcazar de los Reyes Christians
  • Guided tour of the Mosque – Cathedral of Córdoba
  • Guided visit to Medina Azahara

Customized visits

We are conscious that, sometimes, your schedule is not easy to fit ours, therefore we offer you the flexibility that you need.

Kid focused visits

Travelling with kids or teenagers is always a pleasure, but we know that they are a more demanding public.

In Eventour we always adapt our explanations to our public. If you are coming with kids, we will make it easier for them to get interested in order for them to enjoy and learn out of the visit.

Equestrian show at the Royal Stables

“Pasion y Duende del Caballo Andaluz”. Enjoy a unique and magical spectacle that reveals the beauty, intelligence and nobility of our Andalusian Horse, brewed in our city, as well as the skill our our horsemen.