Cristobal Colón

Everybody knows Christopher Colombus, a Genoese man whose dream was to go to Asia from the West of Spain, but finally he discovered the American Continent. This famous trip could not be possible without Catholic Kings’ financing...

Curiosities about the Jewish Quarter of Cordoba: Sefarad

The Jewish Quarter of Córdoba is one of everybody’s favourite places, not only for the visitors . It is the perfect place for walking and getting lost through its otherwordly streets and squares. It is a beautiful place that brings you to another time. The Jewish Quarter is part of the historical centre of Córdoba,…
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Averroes The Philosopher

Abu Al-Walid Muhammad ibn Ahmad Ibn Rushd conocido como Averroes o como ibn Rushd, fue un filósofo y médico andalusí musulmán del siglo XII que nació en Córdoba en el año 1126 y que murió en Marrakesh en 1198. Fueron 72 años de vida muy productivos y que influyeron tanto a sus contemporáneos como a…
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Interview Eventour

The television program “Al día de Córdoba” and animatrice Eventour interviewed as a generation of new entrepreneurs in Cordoba.

The Muses of Julio Romero de Torres

Maria Teresa Lopez was one of the most famous models of Julio Romero de Torres. He lived his entire life denying being the mistress of the painter, who began to pose when he was still a child. The star of ‘ The little girl piconera ” daughter of a couple who immigrated to Cordoba Argentina…
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Legend Malmuerta Tower

Legend of the commanders of Cordoba or legend Malmuerta tower is based on a historical incident in 1448 in the city of Cordoba. Fernando Alfonso de Córdoba was one of the most important men of the city of Cordoba, where he was noted for his huge fortune and immense possessions , and also enjoyed the…
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The caiman Fuensantan

Located in a wall of the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Fuensanta , the origin of this alligator is uncertain due to the diversity of legends about it, but Ramirez de Arellano says the alligator was brought to America by a rib of a whale, shell or carapace of a turtle , saw the fish…
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