Medina Azahara


Medina Azahara was a palace-city built by Abderramán III in the 10th century, being the cultural, administrative and political centre in the Ummayad’s caliphate of Al-Andalus (great part of the Iberian Peninsula). It was declared World Heritage Site by Unesco in 2018. It is one of the essential places to visit if you want to know the rich Cordoba´s past. Walk through its gardens, old palaces and rooms where there was a time in which ambassadors and dignitary people used to walk and live in.

Medina Azahara shared the capital of the Islamic Kingdom with Cordoba, which is 8 kilometres from the city. It is an archeological site where there are lots of rich materials from that period. We can see the remains from the great job which the most important andalusian artisans and architects did. Know the history and legends which enriched Cordoba’s past in its Golden Age.

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3.30 hours aprox.


Tuesdays to Sundays: 10:00 with transport, 10:15 without transport.


  • Adults
    23€ with transport from Cordoba (the shuttle bus is included)
    16€ without transport from Cordoba (the shuttle bus is included)
  • Kids from 5 to 12 years
    11,5€ with transport from Cordoba (the shuttle bus is included)
    8€ without transport from Cordoba (the shuttle bus is included)
  • Kids under 5 years are free
  • People who are not members of the European Union must pay 1,5€ to enter




Con transporte, Sin transporte

Preguntas frecuentes

1. Tickects are included?

Yes, except visitors who are not member of the European Union, who must pay 1.5€ at the entrance.

2. ¿The shuttle bus is included?

Yes, it is included with the guided tour.

3. ¿Are groups very big?

In this visit the maximum of people per Group is 30. The guide will is whispers to hear and follow the explanation much better.

4. ¿Do I have to wait queues?

In high season you must wait to take the shuttle bus, but there are various buses going each 15 minutes. Anyway, you will be with the guide from the very beginning, so you could follow the explanation meanwhile you wait to take the bus.

5. ¿Is it an accessible monument?

The visitor’s centre where there is a museum, the conservation place and an auditory to watch a video about Medina Azahara is totally accessible.

The archaeological site has ramps with a different access for people who go in wheelchair, but there are other areas with difficult accessibility.

6. ¿Can I eat inside?

Inside the monument you must not eat or drink anything except water.

There is no cafeteria or bar in this moment, but there are fountains to drink water.

7. ¿Should I use special clothes?

You should use comfortable clothes and shoes.

El pavimento de algunas zonas suele ser irregular al ser un yacimiento, por lo tanto el uso de tacones queda desaconsejado.

Medina Azahara is an archaeological site, so the ground in different areas is irregular. You should not use heels.

Most of the visit is outside and temperatures in Cordoba in summer should be very hot. We advice you to use breathable clothes and hat if you need it. Take water for the whole tour.

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Meeting point

If you take the bus from Cordoba, the meeting point is Glorieta de la Cruz Roja, opposite to Palace Hotel. The bus leaves at 10:00 (Please, be there 10 minutes before).

Find the green umbrella.

If you go on your own transport, the meeting point is Parking of Medina Azahara at 10:15 (Please, be there 10 minutes before).

Find the green umbrella.